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Changing Lives One Family At A Time

Welcome to Chat N Chew, a 501(c)3 nonprofit driven by a diverse community of volunteers, including parents, business owners, retirees, students, and professionals. United by a passion for helping displaced single-parents affected by domestic violence, we strive to empower them to thrive and achieve self-sufficiency.

Our team includes dedicated volunteers consisting of life coaches, mentors for children, and prayer partners. They provide invaluable support and foster a safe environment for growth. Grounded in faith, we collaborate with external resources to guide our friends towards self-sufficiency with integrity and empathy."

Along with our Food Pantry, our Trendy Treasures thrift store operates a voucher program, ensuring every dollar spent supports displaced families.  Lastly, we're in the process of acquiring a transitional home, furthering our mission to provide safe and supportive environments for those in need. Join us in making a difference, one life at a time.

Our Food Pantry serves approximately 150 households each month, and we continue to grow! It isn't just for our program participants—it's a lifeline for our entire community, providing crucial support to those who depend on us.

Trendy Treasures
Thrift Store Logo

Trendy Treasures thrift store not only provides affordable clothing and household essentials for those embarking on new beginnings but also operates a voucher program. Through this initiative, we offer single parents, the core focus of our mission, the opportunity to shop here quarterly at no cost, while ensuring essential items are available to those facing crisis situations. Our aim is to alter life trajectories, one family at a time. This endeavor not only aids families in reconstructing their lives but also guarantees that every dollar spent directly supports displaced families.


When you choose to shop with us, you're not merely securing a fantastic deal—you're actively changing the lives of those in need.

Your support profoundly influences these journeys towards stability. As a 100% community-supported endeavor, each purchase made here empowers individuals and families in distress. We invite you to become part of this cycle of generosity, where every donation and purchase signifies progress towards a brighter future. If you're seeking a meaningful way to contribute to our cause, rest assured that every contribution to Trendy Treasures directly impacts a family's path towards stability. We are entirely reliant on community support, ensuring that every transaction made here contributes to empowering individuals and families in need. Join us in this ongoing cycle of generosity, where each action represents a step towards a brighter tomorrow. Your support truly serves as a beacon of hope for those we serve.

The Bridges' Food Bag program is a compassionate effort aimed at meeting the nutritional requirements of elementary school-age children during weekends when resources may be scarce. By providing essential food items, this initiative guarantees that these young learners have consistent access to nutrition even when other avenues may not be accessible. We strive to bridge the gap and promote the well-being of these children.

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