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At Chat N Chew, we're dedicated to empowering survivors and underserved families, guiding them to thrive rather than merely survive. Our aim is to provide permanent solutions, not just temporary ones, ensuring a sustainable path to independence and success for all those we serve.our commitment extends beyond immediate support - we're focused on long-term empowerment which is our goal for our transitional home (currently occupied), which we plan to expand n the future.

Our vision is to cultivate a resilient and supportive community where single parents affected by abuse can break the cycle of poverty. Our goal is to offer a wide range of resources and support, addressing emotional, spiritual, and financial hurdles, to empower individuals towards strength and independence. We carefully evaluate each situation to determine the most effective means of assistance. If you're a single parent in need of support in these areas, we encourage you to fill out our assessment form.

If you're passionate about our mission, we invite you to join us either through volunteering your time or supporting us financially.

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