Elicia O.

"I’m ready for whatever He wants me to do to glorify His Holy name."

2021, GOD’s appointment time! On New Year’s day of 2021, my two sons and I became homeless as a result of repeated domestic violence that I endured for years. The Heavenly Father has been preparing me for this day for several years. Then on January 1, 2018, I remember crying at the corner of my bed, on my knees begging Him to get me out of the situation, out of that marriage because it’s hurting me so much. I prayed that God would take me and my boys somewhere far away to start over! He answered my prayers exactly 3 years later. Within those 3 years, He was molding me, preparing me, protecting me, and allowed things to happen to test my faith. 

He gave me a spiritual family, The Rock Church, and my second family, The Central Elementary School. 
“ Homelessness” is an answered prayer. It is through homelessness that I am now chatting and chewing with Chat N Chew. How did I meet Marvee McLendon of Chat N Chew? I met her through another Marevi. My son calls them "marvee-lous" because we met two "Marvee's" at the same time. 

It started at Central Elementary. Years ago when my sons started Pre-k, I befriended Ms. Rutledge, their Pre-K teacher. We had a special mother-daughter friendship. She introduced me to Ms. Josie Briones, a Filipina. We met once or twice and I never thought that one meeting will lead me to meet the ladies of ChatnChew. When Central Elementary helped me find a shelter, Ms. Rutledge urged me to call Ms. Josie because she feels she could help me. I didn’t call her, Ms. Rutledge did. She connected us again. From the shelter, Ms. Josie asked me to write a very personal and detailed letter of how I became homeless along with our needs. So I did. Then, she sent that letter to the President of Chambers of Commerce. The President of the Chambers of Commerce forwarded it to FilCon, where Marevi Sabalilag( I nicknamed her "Krissy" because of her similarity with Kris Aquino’s voice, a celebrity in the Philippines). Krissy thought that the help I would receive from FilCon is not enough and she wanted to help me more. She thought of introducing me to Marvee of Chat N Chew.  We met at a restaurant and as I mentioned “Gatehouse”. Marvee's eyes lit up and a smile came from her beautiful tiny face when I mentioned that I have applied to the Gatehouse program and was accepted. She then mentioned that their church, Covenant Church in Colleyville had been supporting the Gatehouse. A simple meeting with the "Marvelous Team" became one of the most memorable stories in my journey from being homeless to being “ home again”.  I didn’t only meet the founder of Chat N Chew, I met an Angel of the Lord, who brought me home to my new family, the Covenant Church. Just recently, I started taking a class to become a member.

Today, we are living in the Gatehouse, our new home. It’s temporary but I believe that God has plans for my life and He will accomplish His plans in my life no matter what! It’s amazing how God has prepared the way, every step and every move leads to where I am now. God handpicked the people (my angels) that He used to deliver His goodness to me and my boys. His goodness is running after me. 

Don’t stop praying because it works. The Heavenly Father answers prayers in a very mysterious way! Thank you Marvee for being my mentor, thank you for your wisdom, for your deep understanding, for your kindness, for your love and support for my family, and to many others that God has put in your way. Thank you Chat N Chew for everything that you do. I am excited to be part of Chat N Chew and to do my part as God commanded me. I asked God to use me because I’m ready for whatever He wants me to do to glorify His Holy name. I love you Marvee and Krissy!!!