Our Board Members

Marvee McLendon, RN, BSN

I believe the detours we take in life are sometimes the compass that guides us to our purpose. CNC is based on my experience with domestic violence that left me homeless as a single parent of two.  The good news is, God, rewrote my story through strangers like you. And now, through our donors, volunteers, and supporters, Chat N Chew is making an impact and giving hope to others in similar situations one family at a time.

Brian K. McLendon,
Global Director (Alcon)
Chat N Chew Role:

CoFounder/Ad Hoc Duties

I support CnC because it's a direct reflection/expression of the vision God has given me for our family.  This is a cause that is personal to me not just because of the obvious reasons, but it's something I lived through as well, and I see the impact on many lives.

Jim Sharp,
Owner, Sharp Refinishing
Chat N Chew Role:

I've had a desire to serve and help those less fortunate. I have been fortunate to go on mission trips to Mexico to build homes and an orphanage for families. Chat N Chew's Mission lines up with my convictions. I was blessed when they invited me to be a part of this ministry.  I'M ALL IN!

Freda Dents, 
Litigation Paralegal (BNSF)
Chat N Chew Role:

Encourager/Prayer Partner

I am led to help people through encouragement and prayer. It's important to keep up with the finances for accountability and transparency to all those who serve and supports Chat N Chew.

Charles Dents,
Xelantt Profit Strategists
Chat N Chew Role:

Business Strategist

I love to help people. My purpose with Chat N Chew is to offer my knowledge, skills, and talents in a way that helps the ministry operate effectively and efficiently. 

Trish Overs,
Plan Design Coordinator
Chat N Chew Role:
Project Manager

I believe in Chat N Chew because I believe in helping others in need. I believe we need to be responsible for all that God has blessed us with. We show the love of Jesus by helping others. 

Thomas Gibson,
Licensed Minister
Chat N Chew Role:

Real Estate Advisor/Minister

I serve because I understand the plight of single parents because I have been one. I advise and assist with property research and acquisition for the ministry's single parents.