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Our Support Team

Emori Cooper, BS,Psych

Mental Health Instructor

Chat N Chew Role: Life Coach

I volunteer with Chat N Chew simply because of the heart they have for single parents. This ministry is able to walk with individuals going through some of the hardest times of their lives and bless them immensely. I volunteer to share my gifts with others and empower them to live out their testimony.

David McLendon


Chat N Chew Role: Volunteer Coordinator

I'm a volunteer who works for UPS and am responsible for gathering the help needed for the events. I'm also the son of the founder and attached to this ministry because I know what it was like to be a child living in a violent home. I coordinate volunteers at UPS that are needed for the events to ensure our events are safe and running smoothly.

Quentin Jackson, MSc, DBA

President/Managing Dir. of Meridian Global Education

Chat N Chew Role:  Advisor

I have been a single parent, my wife has been a single parent. We know first hand the challenges moms and dads face. What they need most is compassion, practical support, and wise council. CnC is poised to provide this to the people they serve.


Whitley E. Dumas

Stay At Home Mom / Cosmetologist 

Chat N Chew Role:  Trendy Treasures Clothing Coordinator


CNC creates an opportunity for me and my family to be a part of something amazing: helping our community of families in need. As a family of four and in transition between states and jobs, our family has been blessed countless times through CNC. By volunteering with this organization, I learned that there are people in need everywhere and not just the homeless downtown or in other countries… usually, it is our own neighbors.

Bill Overs

Building Maintenance

Chat N Chew Role: "McGyver"

I believe God led me to this ministry to bring my experience and knowledge to help with any repairs. I also assist with food pick up from Food Bank, moving household items, auto repairs, and acquiring equipment/ setup necessary for the events. I make myself available whenever and for whatever is needed.

Brandi McElhaney

Event Planner

Chat N Chew Role:  Branding/Media Relations

I was introduced to Chat-N-Chew during the pandemic. Many were in need of assistance and I needed a way to give back as sort of my  "therapy" during this time. My passion has always been to help others, but I've been officially hooked with Chat N Chew's mission to give back to single parents escaping domestic violence. Being a single mom myself, I have a soft spot for single parents and I love to help those who are experiencing hard times, it's a win/win for both of us. 

Eric Dorsey, Pastor

Elevate Church

Alexandria, Virginia

Chat N Chew Role:  Advisor

I have been truly blessed and my life enriched over the years by knowing Marvee McLendon. She has had the heart to serve God as long as I’ve known her. It’s no wonder the ministry…Chat N Chew has taken off and has been a blessing to many. We at Elevate Church have partnered with this ministry over the years and plan to continue as they expand their plans to service the community God has called them to.

Anna Watts


Chat N Chew Role: Volunteer

I chose to volunteer with Chat N Chew to offer my skills and support to my community. I help build relationships with other volunteers.

Sherrie Thomas

Domestic Engineer (Housewife)

Chat N Chew Role:  Logistics

Everyone likes to feel like they are making a difference.  Serving with Chat N Chew gives me the opportunity to be a part of an organization that provides hope and restoration to our neighbors and community. CHRIST teaches us that a neighbor is “he who shows mercy on the fallen” and instructs us to “Go and do likewise”.  Chat N Chew affords me the privilege of doing just that alongside others who share the same heart.

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