Lindy Love

My Struggles

"I felt "less than." I did all I could to hold my head high despite all my insecurities."

I was reflecting on my earlier days as a single Mom. I wasn't a paycheck away from being homeless... I was "one day of missing work" away from being homeless.  I would go into work exhausted or sick, or if my son was sick, I'd stay home during the day and take him with me to work at night.  I would be so tired from caring for him during the day (and often the night before). I would summon the energy to bring all he needed to care for him at work when no one was around.  I could not afford to miss a day's pay or productivity. I remember bringing his food, blankets, medicine, and making him as comfortable as possible next to my desk. If he needed me, I was right there. I stayed as long as it took to complete my tasks.  

As hard as those days were, I was profoundly grateful to be his Mom, and that I had employment to take care of him.  However, I was constantly anxious about not only trying to provide but endured mental anguish of "am I enough, am I doing the right things? "  My son's father was involved and paid child support, but I still struggled to pay my bills.  I had a "system" of priorities - rent and babysitter #1.  Then food.  Can't tell you how many extensions and cut-off notices I received for utilities. The hardest part was getting utilities turned back on - extra fees you couldn't afford. Seemed like an endless cycle. I didn't share my tenuous situation with my family.  I felt "less than." I did all I could to hold my head high despite all my insecurities.


Two of my friends surprised me one weekend.  They bought fresh, canned, and boxed food - enough for 3 weeks, and a couple of things "just for me."  One was a beautiful amethyst ring. Another - a much-needed winter coat. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and it gave me energy and hope to continue on my path, as well as it helped me "get ahead" financially.   This selfless and generous gift from my friends was a turning point in my psyche and spirit, and things seem to improve shortly afterward for the first time in years.


CNC is the mind-body-spirit lift that so many beleaguered single parents need.  A celebration of the single-parent family, recognizing they are loved and supported.  CNC gives them tools to forge ahead to a better future. They have rescued folks in dire need and supported others in their journey to independence.  Everything they do is love-based to make a difference in the lives of the entire family unit. God Bless them and their mission.